Big Papa’s Smoked Ribs

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Big Papa's Smoked Ribs
  1. Take slab of ribs and let warm up to room temperature. Peel clear membrane off of back of ribs using a small paring knife and paper towel. This is done by peeling up a small piece of the membrane off of the smallest end of the ribs. Grasp firmly with the paper towel and pull slowly off. This enables all of the Big Papa's to soak into the ribs.
  2. Take bottle of mustard and spread liberally all over the ribs. Don't worry, this dissolves and leaves a nice crust on your meat. This is done mainly to allow the Big Papa's to stick to the meat.
  3. Now spread your Big Papa's Steak Rub liberally on both sides of your ribs. Let this "soak" in for at least 30 minutes. Place on your pit when you have the temperature sitting steady at 225 degrees. DO NOT OPEN YOUR PIT FOR 2 1/2 HOURS!!
  4. After 2 1/2 hours of NOT OPENING THE PIT, take your ribs off and place them on a double piece of foil. Now it's time to spread both sides of the ribs with honey and then completely cover them with the brown sugar... don't be skimpy with either the honey or the brown sugar! Wrap tightly with foil and place back on your pit... still at 225 degrees for 1 1/2 hours. DO NOT OPEN YOUR PIT! You can also coat with butter too if you like.
  5. Take ribs off of pit and completely unwrap. Now is a good time to collect the juice to cook along with your soups and bean recipes. Place, uncovered back on pit... still at 225 degrees for up to one hour. DO NOT OPEN THE PIT!
  6. Remove and coat liberally with melted butter and let rest for one hour before eating...
Recipe Notes


DO NOT OPEN THE PIT! This is very, very important! The main reason that most people fail at their attempts for "mouth watering" ribs is because they constantly keep raising the pit lid to look. It takes quite a while for a pit to bring the temperature back up again once almost all of your heat is lost while "peeking" at the meat. This results in undercooked meat without the full smokey flavor.

Put rib juice into ice cub trays and freeze to use later as seasoning for soups, beans, etc.