Big Papa’s Chicken Wings

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Big Papa's Chicken Wings
  1. Take wings and cut "flapper" off of end. Using scissors, cut the wing into two pieces, a flat and a drumette, by cutting at the joint. Dump into large bowl and pour cup of olive oil over them. Mix until all chicken is covered in the oil.
  2. Take out and place pieces on cookie sheet and liberally apply Big Papa's Texas Heat to both sides. Place on your pit for (2) hours at 225 degrees...DO NOT OPEN THE PIT!
  3. While they are smoking, melt the stick of butter and mix in bowl with your barbeque sauce. When (2) hours is up, coat the wings with the sauce using a paint or basting brush.
  4. Leave on pit at 225 degrees for (30) more minutes...DO NOT OPEN THE PIT!
  5. Remove and eat while hot!!