Big Papa's Fundraiser Seasoning is a delicious blend of high-quality, flavorful spices.

Our success has been attributed to our process and the quality of our product. Big Papa knows that if you want people to support a cause financially, you need to give them value. Your supporters will actually call wanting to know when the next fundraiser is scheduled. They want more!

Big Papa's Fundraiser Seasoning is vacuum packed in a durable plastic bottle. It won't melt, chip, crack or break.

We offer three unique blends of spices and rubs expertly perfected by Big Papa himself. They bring you just the right amount of mouth-watering flavor. Be sure to invite Big Papa to your next barbeque!

For more information on our individual spices or to see some of the other great items we provide, click here.

Delicious to Taste and Easy to Sell!

Big Papa’s
Grill Dust

Texas is famous for barbeque! Big Papa’s Grill Dust brings that Texas flavor to your cookout!

Big Papa’s
Steak Rub

Treat your steak to Big Papa’s Steak Rub and get a mouthwatering flavor you can only get from Big Papa. You’ll be happy you did!

Big Papa’s
Texas Heat

You have heard how hot it gets in Texas during the summer…HERE IT IS! TEXAS HEAT!

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