Please feel free to call Big Papa’s at 346-305-9676 or email us at info@bigpapatx.com if you have any additional questions.

How does the fundraiser work?

Big Papa’s motto is “Keep it VERY simple”!  You fill out our questionnaire located on our website…bigpapatx.com…and a representative will contact you very shortly afterwards.  Marketing packets, order forms, etc. are shipped to you and sells begin immediately.  When your campaign is complete, you send the Master Order form to Big Papa’s and your order is shipped directly to you.

How much profit will my organization make selling Big Papa’s products?

This will depend on how many participants you have and the level of intensity during the campaign. You will make a $5.00 profit on each bottle that is sold!

When are the monies due for the product?

A single check from your organization will be due at the same time that your Master Order form is received by Big Papa’s.

Do we have to pay sales tax?

Most organizations are non-profit. You will be asked to supply a tax exemption certificate that contains your tax exempt number for our records.

How long does a fundraiser last?

It has been our experience that the largest bulk of sales for most fundraising activities is within the first three to four weeks. Big Papa’s attempts to tailor our customer’s campaigns around this time frame.

Does Big Papa’s supply prizes for outstanding participants?

You bet we do! Not only do we supply prizes, but we make sure that they are of high quality and are in big demand for the age group of your participants. Past winners have received iPads and XBox systems. Top selling teams have received team pizza parties with several hundred dollars in door prizes. A Big Papa representative will discuss this with you at your initial planning session.

Does Big Papa’s have a size requirement for fundraisers?

Of course not! We are happy to have customers of all sizes…big and small!

How long will it take to receive my product?

We are proud to say that your product arrives within two to three weeks after the Master Order form is received from your organization. Smaller orders are routinely shipped within a week to (10) days after receipt of the form.

Are Big Papa’s products gluten free?

Yes they are!

What types of foods can Big Papa’s products be used on?

The answer to this question seems to grow daily! Our customers use our products on beef, chicken, pork, wild game, hamburgers, french fries, salad, crawfish… even popcorn and scrambled eggs. One recent review stated that Big Papa’s Texas Heat is excellent even on grilled cheese sandwiches!

Are Big Papa’s products really that good?

This is an EXCELLENT question! The answer? YES we really do have an excellent product that we are extremely proud of selling. Big Papa started this company with the purpose of removing obstacles associated with fundraising. One of the main obstacles was inferior products. People would buy them out of “obligation”. Big Papa’s clients actually receive calls after the fundraiser is over from their supporters for MORE product. This creates bigger and bigger sales every year due to the REAL demand for our quality products.