The Perks

  • Mouth-Watering Flavors

    We’ve had over 40 years to perfect our blend of spices to amplify your barbeque experience and give flavor to any meal!

  • Versatile Use

    You can use Big Papa’s seasoning on a variety of foods such as chicken, fish, beef, veggies, even popcorn! You’ll never need another seasoning!

  • Tried & True

    Big Papa’s seasonings weren’t crafted overnight. We select high-quality spices to produce the best barbeque seasoning you’ll ever taste!

  • High Profits

    Your organization will be earning a 100% profit margin!

  • Easy Process

    We keep it simple! Big Papa’s streamlines the process to make fundraising stress-free!

  • Guilt Free

    Big Papa’s seasonings are in high demand – people WANT them! No more obligatory purchases!

Our Customers Love Us!

Big Papa’s Grill Dust is a phenomenal product that continues to be requested by our families year after year. This was one of the easiest fundraisers to execute and one of our most lucrative ever.  The entire team at Big Papa’s is dedicated to the needs of the client and community.

Anthony P. Biello President/CEO - Katy Youth Football

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Our Products

Big Papa’s
Grill Dust

Texas is famous for barbeque! Big Papa’s Grill Dust brings that Texas flavor to your cookout!

Big Papa’s
Steak Rub

Treat your steak to Big Papa’s Steak Rub and get a mouthwatering flavor you can only get from Big Papa. You’ll be happy you did!

Big Papa’s
Texas Heat

You have heard how hot it gets in Texas during the summer…HERE IT IS! TEXAS HEAT!

Fundraising Program

It seems like every year fundraisers are getting more and more predictable. Always the same old, high priced, inferior products. Big Papa’s is changing this trend! We don’t want your supporters to buy just out of obligation. We want them to support your cause because they “WANT AND ENJOY” your Big Papa’s products! Give us a call today! I welcome the opportunity to earn your business!

Danny Hudson aka “Big Papa”

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